Dr. Linda Hopkins, Ph.D.
Dr. Linda Hopkins, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist 
Serving Newport Beach.

Compassionate, Caring, Professional Psychologist

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Clinical Psychologist
Serving Newport Beach.
Compassionate, Caring, Professional Psychologist
"Nobody should have to live with depression or chronic sadness. I give my patients the tools they need to overcome and manage their lives so they can live happy." - Dr. L Hopkins
"Nobody should have to live with depression or chronic sadness. I give my patients the tools they need to overcome and manage their lives so they can live happy." - Dr. L Hopkins
Dr. Hopkins Specializes in 
Dr. Linda Hopkins, Ph.D.

Is "stinky thinking" getting the best of you? Would of..., should of... could of.....   Having difficulty making decisions???? Are everyday decisions getting more difficult to make? Not feeling the joy and happiness you used to feel?? Do you often feel like you are just "acting" as if you are present... but you really aren't???   Do you find yourself comparing your life to all those "happy people" posting on Facebook?? I treat anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, marital issues including couples. Let's meet and work on that  "stinky thinking" and move closer to a place you feel more comfortable.

I utilize the Cognitive Behavioral Model, which is working on how our thoughts often control so much of our moods, actions, behaviors and so on. Looking at those "stinky thinking" patterns that become very habit forming and are mostly subconscious but end up controlling us and can catastrophes the events in our lives.

The special factors that are unique to me and my "style" is I  have also done my own journey in therapy throughout the years.  I love this "work", look forward to finding new ways to approach your challenges  with you. I learn through you and you through me. It is a collaborative journey.

Safe, Peaceful Atmosphere
“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known.“
– Garrison Keillor
Watch how Cheryl went from scared to driving at night to driving with confidence in any type of conditions.
Meet the Doctor.
Dr. Linda Hopkins, Ph.D.

Dr. Hopkins is a highly qualified psychologist. She has worked extensively both in-patient and in out-patient psychiatric units. Her experience includes dual diagnosis ( e.g. anxiety/depression which exists with another disorder such as an addiction or personality disorder). She is also a Certified Addiction Specialist and has experience with a variety of addictions, both severe and chronic. She has also worked in the field of corrections, both as a forensic expert and forensic consultant.
What People Are Saying About Dr. Hopkins
My experience with Dr. Hopkins has always been enlightening and rewarding. She has great energy and has been very genuine to me throughout our entire working relationship. She is always respectful and thoughtful of our time together and has helped me develop tools to help manage my anxiety. We have been working together for over a year now and when I moved to New York we continued our sessions. She is an amazing psychologist and you will not find anyone better than her!

Sam P. - New York
As a middle aged male it was hard to admit I needed help dealing with anxiety created by the ones I love and a career for almost 30 years. Dr. Hopkins has managed to get me to open up , not just my feelings but to accepting various ways to help me minimize stress at home and work. Since learning how to minimize stress and anxiety in my personal and professional career, life has become relaxing and more enjoyable.

Larry B. - Irvine
Dr. Hopkins is by far the most consistent, understanding and compassionate therapist I have ever seen. She truly cares about my well being and even on the hardest days she always has a solution to help me get back to my normal state of mind. I have been seeing her for over a year and I have overcome so many obstacles and learned to cope with my severe anxiety disorder. She gives me tools to cope on a daily basis and also works with me on long term results. Her sessions are an important part of my week and she has truly become someone I can trust and confide in. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to move your life in the right direction but are not sure where to start. I promise you calling Linda will be the best thing you do for your future!

Kelly T. - Costa Mesa
Most Insurance Accepted
Accepted insurance plans include, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna and Out of network.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why go to a therapist?
Not all therapy experiences are alike, nor should they be. In this FAQ I explain in detail the various types of therapy and people who give therapy, but to simply answer this question, the question I would ask you is: What do you want out of therapy? This is important because a lot of the success between the therapist and client depends on your expectations.
What should I expect in the first appointment?
The initial appointment involves a detailed assessment to understand you and your particular situation, current problems, background, and your strengths and resources in order to develop an appropriate plan for treatment. Our aim is to help you feel comfortable and safe to talk openly about your concerns.
How long are sessions? How often would we meet?
Sessions are 50 minutes long and typically occur once per week, although depending on the nature and severity of your problem(s), they may be more or less frequent.

Weekly sessions help to develop a strong therapeutic relationship and establish momentum toward your treatment goals. Session frequency may be tapered as you progress and become more comfortable applying what you have learned in therapy.
Do you prescribe medications?
As registered psychologists we do not prescribe medications. We are fully respectful of individuals’ decision to use or not to use medications and we are happy to work collaboratively with family physicians and psychiatrists in this regard.
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